FUJITRANS Sustainability Vision 2050

We, the FUJITRANS Group, agree with the ideas of the SDGs promoted by the United Nations, and have formulated the long-term policy "FUJITRANS Sustainability Vision 2050" in order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.
This is a guideline for our group to grow and develop sustainably together with society and the environment.

Realization of a decarbonized society

Logistics is one of the most important functions in our daily lives and economic activities. While fulfilling this role, we contribute to the achievement of carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gases, especially CO2, which is considered to be the main cause of global warming.

Environmental conservation and maximizing resources recycling

We will reduce the amount of resources we use in our business activities and reduce the amount of waste we generate. We will strive to conduct our business activities with less environmental impact, and appropriately preserve the forest and marine environments.

Promoting work-style reforms through health management

We will ensure that our employees have a rewarding workplace. We will also maintain stable employment by giving consideration to diverse work styles.


CSR Policy

Legal Compliance

  • Always conduct sincere and fair activities, while compying with laws and regulations and social norms.
  • Our corporation is a member of the society, and grows and developes as a good corporate citizen.


  • Provide safe and high-quality services as a mission of logistics operator.

Environmental/Social Contribution

  • Contribute to creating a comfortable society and community, taking into consideration the global environment.
  • Be deeply thankful for things learned from the society, and respond to the expectations or desires of the society.