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Safety Policy

As a logistics provider, safety is of paramount importance to us. To ensure a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, we have formulated an Occupational Safety and Health Policy. Based on this policy, we have established a robust Safety and Health Management System that supports a safety-first culture as part of our commitment to safety.

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

As an integrated logistics company, FUJITRANS CORPORATION is committed to prioritizing the safety of its employees. We firmly believe that the health and safety of our employees, which is the foundation of corporate management, is our primary duty and social responsibility. We declare that we will implement the following steps in order to achieve this goal:

  1. Our Group companies and partners will work together to promote safety and health initiatives in business operations, with the aim of creating a safe working environment and striving for zero accidents.
  2. We are committed to complying not only with laws, regulations and agreements, but also with our self-imposed voluntary standards. Through ongoing safety and health management practices, we aim to ensure the safety and health of our employees.
  3. By adequately implementing and operating the PDCA cycle, we aim to achieve and enhance the results of effective safety and health activities that are seamlessly integrated with production processes.
  4. The collective knowledge and skills of our employees will be integrated into the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. We are committed to building and maintaining our distinctive safety and health system.
  5. We will allocate the necessary management resources to create a safe, comfortable and pleasant workplace and actively promote a rewarding work environment.
Safety and Health Council

The Council, positioned at the top of the safety and health management system, is overseen by the President. It provides guidance and direction to the following committees in order to strengthen the safety and health management system and the crisis management system, including affiliated companies, with the aim of ensuring compliance with related laws and regulations and maintaining the safety and health of employees.

General Safety and Health Committee

With the understanding and cooperation of all employees, including those from affiliated companies, the General Safety and Health Committee undertakes activities focused on raising safety and health standards at each site.

Safety Operations Technical Committee

The Committee conducts research, investigation, education, inspection, and improvement initiatives to promote safe work. Safety management activities are promoted by the establishment of specialized organizations, such as the Vessel Subcommittee, Coastal Subcommittee, Vehicle Subcommittee, Packing Subcommittee, and Aerial Work Team, each tailored to their respective areas of operation.

Shipping Safety Committee

The Committee conducts research, investigations, education, inspections, and improvement initiatives to promote safe transportation. Safety management activities are promoted by the establishment of the Container Transportation Subcommittee (primarily responsible for safety management of container transportation) and Trailer Transportation Subcommittee (primarily responsible for safety management of trailer transportation), each tailored to their respective transportation areas.

Transportation Safety Committee

The Committee is charged with ensuring the safe navigation of our fleet's vessels and protecting the safety of the vessels and their crews. To attain this goal, we focus primarily on the promotion of matters that are central to the safe navigation of related vessels, matters related to the safety and health management of crew members, and matters related to the safe protection of hulls and loaded cargo. In addition, we have implemented safety management regulations with the adoption of the Transportation Safety Management System. We are actively engaged in activities aimed at ensuring safe operations based on an annual activity plan.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001)

We operate the Occupational Health and Safety Management System to reduce the potential risk of occupational accidents and to improve safety and health standards. Upon implementation of this system, we obtained ISO45001 certification. We will continue to expand its scope further to foster a safe and secure work environment.

Safe Vessel Operation

We ship cargo to a variety of ports, ranging from Hokkaido to Okinawa. In order to fulfill our social responsibility as a logistics provider, we have introduced the Transportation Safety Management System and established safety management regulations based on the Safe Vessel Operation Policy to maintain and promote safe navigation.

Safe Vessel Operation Policy

As an integrated logistics company, FUJITRANS CORPORATION will strive to continuously improve safety in marine transportation, and all personnel, from top management to the frontline, will work together to maintain and promote safety. We declare that we will implement the following steps in order to achieve this goal:

  1. Ensure thorough compliance with all applicable laws and regulations for maritime transportation, as well as our own safety management regulations.
  2. Ensure the safety first principle based on the joint efforts of the maritime and land transportation sectors, in recognition of our social responsibility as a maritime transportation player.
  3. Strive to improve safety in vessel operations by appropriately maintaining and administering the vessel operations safety management system and implementing continuous improvements.
  4. Conduct safe navigation education and training programs to promote safety awareness at sea and on land and to support effective crisis management.
  5. Actively promote safety activities and reduce environmental impact on a daily basis to provide safe, reliable, and environmentally sound marine transportation services.

Quality Policy

Ensuring quality, along with safety, is the fundamental mission of logistics operators. We have formulated a Quality Policy as part of our commitment to deliver high quality logistics services and customer satisfaction.

Occupational Safety and Health

In line with its management philosophy, FUJITRANS CORPORATION is committed to sustainable development as an attractive, integrated logistics company by providing safe, high-quality services that meet not only our customers’ needs, but also the broader needs of society and the times. We declare that we will implement the following steps in order to achieve this goal:

  1. Enhance our logistics services to meet customer needs through further IT advancements as a company of professionals providing integrated transportation services (land, sea, and air) for a range of items from critical lightweight cargo to aerospace equipment entrusted by our customers.
  2. Conduct our business with integrity and fairness, adhering to ethical business practices in accordance with agreements with our customers, ISO standards, laws, regulations, and other applicable requirements.
  3. Formulate a voluntary logistics system improvement plan to effectively drive quality initiatives and ensure the continuity and sustained evolution of the logistics system.
  4. Implement appropriate training and education programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of all employees, with a strong focus on quality, safety and environmental considerations as fundamental principles of business conduct.
  5. Shape the future of transportation on a global scale by promoting mutual communication in partnership with our customers based on a shared understanding with the FUJITRANS Group and its partners.
  6. Priority Items: Make security a top priority, focusing on preventing personal injury, property damage, delivery delays, and erroneous shipments.
Quality Management System (ISO9001)

Our company received ISO 9001 certification in March 2006. We strive to further enhance customer satisfaction by maintaining and improving the quality of our logistics services through the ISO9001 management system. Our focus includes preventing errors in shipping and customs declaration, while accurately managing delivery schedules.

Introduction of AEO System

As an established operator with a robust cargo security management and legal compliance system, we were approved as a AEO Warehouse Operator in May 2008 and as a AEO Customs Broker in November 2010. These systems serve to enhance the convenience of the customs clearance process and facilitate faster and smoother cargo transactions.

AEO Warehouse Operator System

A licensee of bonded warehouses, etc. (Authorized Warehouse Operator) may establish a bonded warehouse by notifying the Director General of Customs. Such notified warehouses are exempt from permit fees and the permit period is longer than that for general bonded warehouses.

AEO Customs Broker System

An Authorized Customs Broker has the ability to file a tax declaration for imported cargo consigned by the importer after the cargo is collected, or to file an export declaration for cargo consigned by the exporter located outside the bonded areas in partnership with an Authorized Warehouse Operator.

Environmental Policy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is based on contributing to the society and community that has nurtured us and the people who live in it. Through the establishment of our Environmental Policy, we seek to raise employee awareness of the global environment and to engage in environmentally responsible initiatives in the ports and oceans that are critical to our business.

Environmental Policy

In accordance with its management philosophy, FUJITRANS CORPORATION regards environmental protection as a paramount concern in its business activities. The company is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment in an effort to remain an integrated logistics company that actively contributes to society and the local community. We declare that we will implement the following steps in order to achieve this goal:

  1. Collaborate with companies involved in our business activities to prevent pollution through resource conservation, energy optimization and waste minimization.
  2. Promote environmental protection by establishing voluntary standards as appropriate, in addition to complying with environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and other relevant obligations.
  3. Establish objectives and targets and periodically review the results of our initiatives to maintain and improve our internal environmental systems.
  4. Conduct environmental education and public relations activities to familiarize all employees with our environmental policy and to increase environmental awareness.
  5. Participate actively in environmental conservation activities in communities, emphasizing the significance of dialogue with the local community.
Environmental Management System (ISO14001)

We prioritize environmental protection as a crucial component of our environmental policy. Having received ISO 14001 certification in June 2002, we are committed to complying with relevant laws and regulations and to preventing pollution. We will continue to gradually increase the number of sites certified under the ISO 14001 management system.

DX Policy

Our group will make dedicated efforts to promote DX based on our motto, "Spirit of 'wa' & KEEP ON TRYING".

Message from President

Recently, logistics needs have continued to diversify. On the other hand, logistics providers will be challenged to rapidly adapt their business models in response to several challenges. These include the anticipated shortage of drivers, known as the "Logistics 2024 Problem," the shortage of dock workers and crew members, shortage of IT workers coupled with security risks, known as the "2025 Cliff" problem, and changes in work styles driven by the global pandemic.

In response, the FUJITRANS Group is committed to digital transformation (DX) as a key approach to realizing its medium-term management plan, FUJITRANS 2030, which was initiated in 2023. The company is actively working to innovate business processes and create new value propositions. At the core of our initiatives is the goal of developing high-value services that delight our customers by focusing on improving the digital and IT skills of our employees and fostering a mindset shift that empowers them to tackle challenges on their own.

Our mid-term management plan features the motto "Spirit of 'wa' & KEEP ON TRYING," signifying our commitment to persistently address the dual challenges of "improving and expanding existing businesses" and "creating and advancing new business models.” We are committed to taking on the challenges of digital transformation (DX), and we will continue to deliver new value and satisfaction along with our customers' cargo by promptly responding to their needs.


Initiatives towards DX