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In support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
the FUJITRANS Group has established a comprehensive long-term initiative, FUJITRANS SUSTAINABILITY VISION 2050, as part of our commitment to actively participate in the promotion of a sustainable society.
These guidelines set out the principles that guide the sustainable growth and development of the Group in cooperation with society and the environment.


Achievement of a low-carbon society

Logistics plays a central role in our daily lives and economic activities. In fulfilling this role, we contribute to the pursuit of carbon neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, identified as a major contributor to global warming.

SDGs 7 9 11 13

Environmental protection and maximization of resource recycling

We are committed to minimizing the use of resources in our operations to reduce waste. Our goal is to operate with a minimal environmental impact and to responsibly conserve forests and marine ecosystems.

SDGs 11 12 14 15

Promotion of workstyle reform through health and productivity management

We are committed to providing a rewarding workplace for our employees. We also support diverse work styles and maintain stable employment practices.

SDGs 3 8

Establishment of new SDG-related revenue models

Various initiatives are under way around the world to achieve the common global goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To meet the changing needs of our customers, we will innovate and propose new logistics solutions, launch novel projects, and take unprecedented proactive initiatives.  

SDGs 8

We have obtained multiple certifications.

FUJITRANS CORPORATION is registered under the Minato SDGs Partner Registration Program and the Aichi SDGs Registration Program. Additionally, our head office is recognized as a certified eco-friendly office under the Nagoya SDGs Green Partners program.


CSR Policy

FUJITRANS CORPORATION has embraced "The spirit of 'Wa'” as its corporate motto.
The concept of “wa” or harmony comprises two essential elements: "inner harmony" based on harmony among individuals and unity grounded in complete trust and cooperation, and "outer harmony" based on coordination, cooperation, and integration with the global environment, local communities, customers, and partner companies.
Guided by this spirit, we have formulated our CSR policy named "Connecting People and Society with 'wa'," and are pursuing initiatives in three key areas.


People and society connected by ‘wa’
Legal compliance
We are determined to comply with laws, regulations and social standards and to conduct all activities with integrity and fairness.
Recognizing our role as a member of society, we strive to grow and develop as a responsible corporate citizen.
Safety and quality
Our mission as a logistics provider is to provide services that are both safe and of high quality.
Contributions to environment and society
We contribute to the establishment of a caring society and community, taking into account the global environment.
We express our deep gratitude for the lessons learned from society and commit ourselves to meeting its expectations and aspirations.

Health management declaration

Protecting the health of employees, which is the foundation of corporate management, is the driving force for sustainable corporate activities and development.
Based on the spirit of "Wa", our corporate motto, we aim to promote the creation of a vibrant workplace where each and every employee is healthy both physically and mentally, to provide a sense of security to our employees and their families, and to contribute to the society and the local community.

April 1, 2023 FUJITRANS CORPORATION Tatsuo Keii President

Health management measures

Physical exams for employees

Implementation of regular health checkups including middle-aged health checkups (actual checkup rate: 100%) Recommend regular health checkups and provide specific health guidance (jointly with the insurance association)

Mental health assessment for employees

Conducting mental health stress tests

Health consideration for employees

Establishment of health consultation and harassment consultation desks
Implementation of health education and health guidance for employees by public health nurses
Promotion of support for returning to work and for balancing work and treatment
Prevention of overwork and promotion of taking paid holidays

Employee health promotion

Measures against passive smoking (separate smoking areas)
Encouraging the use of affiliated gyms and promoting exercise opportunities

Ensuring the safety and security of employees and their families

Promoting the use of recreation facilities and various recreational activities provided by the Nagoya Port Welfare Association
Implementation of “specific health checkups” for dependents aged 40 and over (joint implementation with insurance associations)